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SoldierRun, Amazing Running Game for Android Is Now Available For Download

by Fahad Saleem

SoldierRun, Amazing Running Game for Android Is Now Available For Download

The game is simple. You would have to run to survive. We are familiar with these kind of games as we can easily recall Temple Run when we will play this new game. SoldierRun was released by iCloudZone. In this game your soldier will be trapped in a frozen zone. He is going to be running to survive and get out of the zone. In other games we are just going to run endlessly and make high scores. The only urgency in these games is making a better high score which is getting a little boring. But in this game you know why you are running. You are running to survive the cold weather. When you will play this game, you will see that this is a good polished game with everything clear as a crystal. One thing we loved about the game was that it had different kinds of costumes for the soldier. Some of the costumes that we can use are the Iron man suit, football player’s kit, hazmat suits and many other more.

run 2


You will see that the controls of this game are really easy to understand. You would have to tilt the screen in order to move the soldier left or right. If you see that there is a turn ahead and you need your soldier to turn, you will swipe left or right with your finger. The soldier can jump and roll also. So the gameplay isn’t hard to understand as many of the people who have already played Temple Run can see the resemblance in the controls. And yes, of course there are obstacles in the soldier’s way as it is a warzone. The soldier can collect coins when he is running and these coins can be used for different kinds of power ups. Some of the powerups include a coin magnet where the soldier becomes a magnet and the coins get pulled towards the soldier. Then there is a feature where the soldier gets a sprint power up where the soldier can sprint really fast for some distance. And then there is a shield power up where the soldier wouldn’t be affected by any obstacles when he is running for some time. The companies that have been making these type of games have been thinking of making mission based running games which will give more incentive to play.

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The game developers did a good job while designing the game. Every bit is clear and nothing seems pixelated. It has a really good polished interface. The graphics aren’t heavy duty, so this game is capable of running on low end devices as well.

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The game is of a very small size at just about 10MB. You need a minimum of Android 2.2 to play this game.

You can also challenge your friends or other players from across the world to play with you. So get this application today and start making high scores. This game will be in a huge competition with Temple Run.

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