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SOLVED: iPhone will not Boot up past the Apple Logo. Reiboot solution

by Felix Omondi
SOLVED: iPhone will not Boot up past the Apple Logo using Reiboot simple solution

This is fairly common problem for iOS devices users. You wake up one morning and when you grab your phone and try turning it on; you iPhone will not boot up past the Apple logo stage.

That does not mean your iPhone is ruined or anything like that. However, it is a sign of a malfunction (albeit possibly minor and temporary) in the internal workings of your iPhone. There are a number of tricks, some of which we share on Innov8tiv’s How-To’s section; where we give you pro tips on troubleshooting hardware and software problems for various electronics.

If you are the type with enough time, neither the patience for those geeky DIY tips. Then read on, this article is for you as we got a simpler solution for your iPhone will not boot up past the Apple logo problem. A simple ‘plug and play’ kind of solution that will not have you opening up any hood and with screwdrivers, pliers, nuts and hack saw start getting your hands all ‘dirty and messy’.

Reiboot is a one-click solution to iPhone will not boot up problem. In fact, it is not just for iPhone. Your iPad and iPod as well can use Reiboot, the quick fix for all your iOS device boot problems.

Like we said, there are no technical DIY pro tips involved with Reiboot just a simple plug and play execution; “One-Click to Enter/Exit Recovery Mode”.

How Reiboot helps

Reiboot comes in handy when you want to update the iOS running on your iPhone/iPad/iPod or restore it from a backup, but iTunes does not recognize your device. When you install an iOS update and then your devices gets stuck in a continuous loop of restart.

To solve all the above, put your device into recovery mode to resolve all problems, and this is where Reiboot come to your rescue. With just one-click, your iOS will go into recovery mode without you further having to press any buttons.

Reiboot is a free software (available both for Windows and Mac) that allows you to easily and conveniently put your iPhone/iPad/iPod into and out of the recovery mode using just a single click.

Helping you troubleshoot all kinds of screen stuck (stuck at white Apple logo/ black screen/ boot screen/ blue screen of death), iOS stuck (stuck in DFU mode/recovery mode/home button) and iTunes error when syncing/upgrading/restoring iOS devices) and iTunes bugs (iTunes error, when syncing/upgrading/restoring iOS devices); all these without any loss of data or any kind of damage; software or hardware-related.

For more information visit the Reiboot site.

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