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Some Prominent Figures of Cryptocurrency


Photo by Aleksi Räisä on Unsplash

Each one of our heroes is a rare combination of the ability to see and act upon technical opportunities for the future. Cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology, which has a strict group. Each of these transactions is precise, making a cryptographic hash, the people in the industry are still creative. Today we have gathered such an impressive logo in the cryptocurrency market.

Satoshi Nakamoto (The Creator of Bitcoin)

Undoubtedly Satoshi Nakamoto ‘is on the number one as the manufacturer of bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto is one such person in the cryptocurrency business. Which is a mystery? See truly: so no one has been able to find out if it’s a person. Or it’s a developing group. In fact, this is a question. Is Satoshi Nakamoto a pseudonym Is this name really or not? This could also happen. That built the first version of the software and developed the bitcoin protocol. He is the satoshi Nakamoto. If you want to invest in bitcoins you can visit ClickMoney

Vitalik Butyrin, founder of Ethereum

Butlerin earned its famous position as capitalization of the world’s largest digital currency Ethereum. Butlerin a unique mind-blowing: at the age of 7, he wrote his first computer game using an excel macros. Then he studied c ++ at the age of 10 and started developing at developing sports. In the life of blockchain butlerin in 2011 and realized flaws in bitcoin by the year 2013. He then assumed that cryptocurrency would be the sole platform he created. In 2014 she launched her project with the means of bid sale to ethereum.

butlerin made ethereum secret language open source and make it available to the public. In the streaming blockchain, he asked hundreds of developers to write projects to save resources and time. This can also be said. That the one who indirectly initiated the ico was butlerin.

Charlie Lee (Litecoin creator)

Charlie Lee is the creator of the third crypto lead in history. He worked in Google before he bitcoin as a developer. He is a computer scientist and an intelligent programmer in Japan. In 2011, he read an article on bitcoin, he learned about blockchain. And then purchased bitcoin for $30. In 2011 Charlie lee formed open-source cryptography protocol litecoin. He also obtained the job in the largest coinbase exchange. In the year 2017 Charlie lee noticed the coinbase in developing the leave litecoin. Like the blockchain developer ethereum of litecoin, can create their own applications. Bitcoin is mostly used to pay over the Internet.

David Marcus is a Libra director, and former president of PayPal

David Marcus is an American entrepreneur; he was born in Paris. David Marcus is the director of the PayPal from April 2012. He was the head of the Facebook messaging unit in 2014. She became the vice president of the messaging producers on Facebook, as well as he studied cryptocurrency and blockchain and became a member of the director model of the coinbase cryptocurrency exchange in 2017. The Calibra project was first led in 2019. Both the Calibra and the libra are new cryptocurrencies. Which is developed by other companies and Facebook? Some people see the initiative of Facebook as a threat to decentralization and blockchain anonymity. And, on the other hand, other people see technology as a success.

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