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Someone created Bots to save you from Pushy Telemarketers this Christmas

by Felix Omondi

We are in that season again, the season where everyone is trying to sell you something or trying to get a gift from you. Indeed the supermarkets and online stores go out of their way to facilitate easier shopping experience for you. They even send telemarketers to tell you what they got in stock for you.

The telemarketers can be too pushy, yet they are selling things that are crap; you really have no interest in buying them. They add no value to you, now or in the near future. Despite that, they will be on your phone trying to sell them to you.

Well, the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, who have specialized in programming bots that waste telemarketers’ time has partnered Nomorobo, a company specialized in spam calls blocking service. To launch a dedicated battalion of bot designed with the sole purpose of keeping telemarketers busy and less likely to interact with real people.

While the bots keep the telemarketer busy, you will have peace of mind not answering your phone and being told how great a product something is and why you should buy it ASAP. Nomorobo and The Jolly Roger Telephone Company upload a group of bots with pre-recorded calls that do answer telemarketers’ calls dutifully and keep them engaged in conversations leading to nowhere for as long as possible.

Have a listen to some of the recordings of the bots with pre-recorded voices engage with telemarketers below:

You can catch more of the recordings at this site here. Hopefully, while telemarketers will be busy talking to bots and being taken round and round, you will be enjoying your peace of mind having fun with family and friends during the festive season.

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