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#SomeoneTellFoxNews Africa Is Not A Country; It’s A Continent

by Felix Omondi
#SomeoneTellFoxNews Africa Is Not A Country; It’s A Continent

So Pope Francis jetted into Nairobi, Kenya on Wednesday evening for his maiden tour of the African continent. His first stop is Nairobi until Friday when he’ll jet out to Kampala, Uganda where he will stay until Sunday. After that, he will head out to Bangui, in the Central African Republic until the end of the month, and jet out back to the Vatican.#SomeoneTellFoxNews Africa Is Not A Country; It’s A Continent

Like most media houses around the world, the US channel Fox News also ran a segment covering the Pope’s trip to these three African COUNTRIES. However what picked Kenyans’ interest or rather, elicited a lot of anger was the screen trail ran by Fox News that read: Pope Francis to visit war-torn Africa”.

This trail seems to suggest that the entire African continent is embroiled in war, which is entirely false. The Pope is currently in Kenya, yes a country far from perfect (but then again which country is perfect?) but hardly anything close to being referred to as a war-torn country. His next stop will be Uganda, and the same thing can be said about that country.

The Pope’s last stop in Africa will be in the Central African Republic, a country that might warrant such a tagline. However, we cannot overlook the fact that Fox News ran the tagline as a “war-torn Africa”. Meaning to the US news channel Fox News, all the 54 countries that make up the African continent have suddenly been merged into one country, and we are all at war.

#SomeoneTellFoxNews Africa Is Not A Country; It’s A Continent

A Simple Google search by Fox News would have revealed Africa is not a country; it’s a continent. You should try Googling sometime

Such a gross mistake by such an authoritative news channel does not go unnoticed, and Kenyans on Twitter popularly known as #KOT took to social media to put Fox News in its place. Under the hashtag Someone Tell Fox News, people came out to correct Fox News. Here are some of the Tweets being sent out to Fox News.

You can see more on Twitter under #SomeoneTellFoxNews. You would have thought Fox News might have learned a thing or two from the #SomeoneTellCNN.

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