Sony DPT-RP1 the new tablet to make your office a paperless office

Sony DPT-RP1

Sony has launched a new tablet, the DPT-RP1 digital paper tablet. The company fronts this tablet as a solution to the paper clutter to office workers.

The 13.3-inched e-ink display, with a 1659×2200 dots, is said to replicate and give you that traditional paper feel and look. The tablet non-slip panel comes with a digital pen for a fully functional digital paper tablet.

It has a 4GB internal storage, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and a battery that Sony says can last you at least one week.

For all its glory, the DPT-RP1 has one major limitation, it currently only works with PDF documents. That also means it cannot work as an eBook reader, and it is not a fully functioning tablet.

The following is the description Sony used to describe the DPT-RP1:

High contrast display with no backlight for comfortable reading, even outdoors.

Low power consumption; rechargeable battery last up to 3 weeks on a single charge

Connect via Wi-Fi and easily configure to interface with document repositories and/or servers.

Generous storage; internal memory of 4GB coupled with slot that accommodates Micro SD card.

Large 13.3” display preservers a full, letter-size page and readily accommodates forms and structured documents for comfortable reading and mark-up.

Touchscreen to easily turn pages, search, or navigate documents, and zoom in on figures, tables, charts, and graphs.

Handwriting using the stylus.

Full size, lined notebook for taking notes in long hand during meetings, hearings, and testimonies.

It is more like a device for cutting down on the paper use and wastage than all-type kind of work tablet. This device will start retailing in Japan from June 5th.

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