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Sony Launches App to Let Users Play Play PlayStation Games on Windows PC

by Fahad Saleem

Ever thought of playing your favorite PlayStation games like Uncharted 4, No Man’s Sky, latest FIFA, God Of War, Last of US, Journey and many more on your computer? Well, it is possible now, thanks to Sony’s latest service PlayStation Now using which you can play the PS games on PC. This is a native service exclusively for Windows computer, so you won’t need any emulator, third party apps and extra software to play these games on your computer. PlayStation Now service will be available in Europe and US very soon. The service is also slated to be launched worldwide. Apart from the big titles, you also get access to a library of no less than 400 PlayStation games using the new service for PC, from which you can play any game you want.

Apart from the service, Sony has also announced a DualShock 4 USB Wireless adaptor which will let you connect your dualshock controller to your PC wirelessly. You will be able to enjoy all the games using your controller using this amazing device, which will be launched in September, and has a cost of around $25. This will be an official Sony adapter, which means you will not need any third party hardware and software to run and play the games. This USB device will also be available for Mac. You can also use Remote Play apps with this controller USB.

At last, you can play PlayStation games on Windows PC due to the upcoming PlayStation Now service. If you have any questions about this new or gaming in general, let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to give us your feedback and like us on Facebook.



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