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Sony launches the Fastest SD Cards in the World

by Felix Omondi
ssd cards

Sony has launched the SF-G series of SD Card, which by the reports being given is the fastest SD card currently out there. The SD Card has a read and write speed of 300 and 299 MB/s respectively.

ssd cardsThe Sony SF-G SD Cards would be ideal for the high-resolution cameras, but ideally, they should work with just about any device with UHS-II interface support. With a speeds hitting as high as 300 MB/s, these SD Cards speeds are giving SATA II a run for their money. These SD Cards are actually faster than most of the older SSDs, which is amazing given they are about a third of their size.

Sony has also announced its releasing a special PC card reader for the SD Cards, so you can take advantage of faster data transfer speeds on your computer. The MRW-S1 card reader by Sony is specifically made for the SF-G SD Cards, but theoretically they can work with any UHS-II cards.

The MRW-S1 card reader comes with a built-in USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type A) connector that will ensure you get the highest possible data transfer speed possible to and from the SD Cards. There have been no official announcements on the pricing, at least not just yet. Nonetheless, these cards will start shipping in March and the card readers in April. The cards come in variants of 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. It is not yet clear if they will also come in Micro-SD flankers.

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