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Sony launches PlayStation Productions to make Games into Movies and Shows

Sony PlayStation Games to be made into Movies and Shows

Sony has decided to roll up its sleeve and make movies and shows out of its PlayStation games. It will no longer sit back and wait for movie producers to make games as has been the tradition.

The movie and shows production will be handled by the newly formed PlayStation Productions studio. The content produced will be channeled through the Sony Studios distribution network, and will not be licensing brands. As has been the case with other gaming giants in the industry.

Gamers who have finished playing a particular title will certainly enjoy continuing the thrill they had in the game by watching the movie or shows based on the game. That will not only be a money making opportunity for Sony but will also address the inefficiency of Hollywood inability to transfer the gaming thrill and level of gratification to the movies and shows they have produced based on the PlayStation titles.

It might be said that Hollywood directors and screenwriters do not understand the gaming world enough for them to translate it to the big screens. Critics have argued that all they do is retell the plot of the game. Take, for instance, the Uncharted movie that has been in production limbo for years now.

PlayStation Productions is following the Marvel Studios approach that has been wildly successful. It is only Sony that can do the job of making movies and shows out of PlayStation games since they already know the games inside-out. They also know what the fans like and don’t like about the game franchises.

PlayStation Productions has already started working, though they remain tight-lipped on which titles are currently in the pipeline. It will be going up in competition with other game publishers like Activision and Ubisoft media divisions. Though critics argue that all Activision and Ubisoft media house do is adapt their titles for conventional studios.

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