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Sony might soon let you change your PlayStation Network name

by Felix Omondi
playstation network

For avid gamers out there, we all know we tend to come up with crazy PlayStation Network names while caught up in the heat of the moment playing a new game release.

However, as you get older, some of these usernames will come back to haunt us. Say, for instance, you were a teen when signing up for your PlayStation Network (PSN) account and set it something childish as ‘PhatPlamPumBoo.’ That name might not sound so cool when you are grown and still like playing some video games every now and then.

During an interview at the PlayStation Experience, Shawn Layden – from the company – said he was hopeful Sony will soon allow gamers change their PSN username. So what are they waiting for?

Well, Layden went further to explain that the technicalities behind it is “more complex than you think.” Back in 2014, Layden was quoted (again) saying Sony is taking steps towards addressing this issue. The biggest hurdle for Sony to implement this move is the question of controlling trolls.

A troll could easily go on a rampage on another user’s account then quickly change their name and go to ruin in another gamer’s session.

If or when Sony decides to let gamers change their PSN username, it is not clear whether or not they will ask individuals pay to change their handle, like what Microsoft does with the Xbox Live. Given the fact that this conversation has been going on for a couple of years now, I would suggest you don’t hold your breath that Sony will soon allow you change your PSN username. If they do, well and good, if they don’t, well things move on.

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