Sony PlayStation 4 bug that crashes the PS4 has been fixed

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Gamers on the Sony PlayStation 4 know perhaps too well the frustration that comes with having your gaming rig all of a sudden die down, just when you’re about to start a game. What a buzz kill!

Well, you will be glad to learn that Sony has come up with a fix for the bug that keeps sending your PS4 on crash loop. The company made the announcement on Twitter in response to a user who was pointing out the bug that bricked the console.

Though the company does not go into details other than simply saying “We’ve since fixed the issue,” and proceed to give a solution. I am not quite sure if Sony will issue a press release or do a blog post about this fix. Given the fact they have never officially acknowledged the problem, to begin with.

A section of tech news outlets have reached out to Sony for comments, but there is nothing much worth writing about other than the ‘writing that’s already on the wall’:

Some users experiences are so bad with the messages causing a crash loop and out of their frustration, they are executing factory reset on their gaming rigs.

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