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Sony PS5 – The Rumored Release Date, Specs, Features and Price

by Felix Omondi
ps5 playstaion 5

This must be music to a gamer’s ears; the Japanese electronics giant is working on the release of its next-generation gaming console the Sony PS5. Sony has indeed confirmed that the PlayStation 5 is indeed work-in-progress but remained tight-lipped on the exact expected release date.

However, you might not want to take Sony’s word on the actual release date. These electronics makers almost always tend to suggest a much later date than the exact scheduled release date; perhaps with the intent to get their competitors off guard. Sony would have a good reason to do that considering the fierce run for its money its PS4 gaming console is getting from Microsoft Xbox One X.

Analyst Michael Pachter gives a somewhat disappointing estimate that the PS5 will be released in the next decade; that is in 2020. While Darmian Thong puts it at somewhere in the second half of 2018. Therefore, there is no reliable information as to when Sony might release the PS5, but we do know what specs and features this next generation PlayStation gaming console will have:

4K Support

Undeniably, the current generation Sony gaming console, the PS4 is irrefutably inferior to Microsoft Xbox One X, mainly because it lacks 4K support. Yes, not even the PS4 Pro can save Sony’s face on that front; though it is a really powerful gaming rig.

Naturally, you would expect Sony to do a ‘re-battle’ on that front, and all analyst believe top on the list of features the company is working on is native 4K support. Ideally one with at least 60 frames per second.

Interestingly, the CTO and co-founder of developer Rebellion believes Sony will push the limit by delivering an 8K support console. “Obviously new hardware should be able to support 4K TVs and possibly even 8K TVs at a push!”

Cloud Technology and Streaming of Games

It does sound appealing on paper that Sony’s next-generation console will embrace cloud technology and streaming of games. If it pulls these feet off, it could come with the advantage of slimming down the console, but let us be real. Broadband is still an issue even in the developed countries leading in terms of faster internet connectivity; prospects to streaming games are slim considering how big video games have grown to become.

We may just see Sony go the Microsoft way, of releasing a console with 4K Blu-ray disk drive. Especially when you think about all the jibe, Microsoft has been giving Sony for lack of 4K Blu-ray support.

Upgradable Consoles

Experts say it has reached a time where both Microsoft and Sony have got to start giving users gaming consoles that can be upgraded. That would mean both companies must have a flexible approach in their next-generation console. Whereby, possibly, the PS5 could come in different variants, and the user could add peripherals and components to improve the performance depending on their gaming desires.

The PS5 could be like a PC, where you can add the RAM, hard disk, and other peripherals depending on your need. That is to say; the PS5 could be released in varying memory capacities, have the option to add virtual reality peripherals among other things.

The PS5 Launch Title

From experience, a gaming console launch title is essential, as experienced by Sony with the launch of PS2. The console was released with the Gran Turismo 3, and it would be correct to say that game gave PS2 sales a higher momentum.

These days, having a powerful gaming console without an equally amazing game to play on it, just doesn’t work for gamers. On that front, there are already rumors that the PS5 could be released alongside with GTA 6 as the launch title. There is also the forthcoming Naughty Dog epic and The Last of Us 2.

The Price

The retail price of the PS5 could either make or break the console, and undoubtedly, Sony is facing a dilemma on that front. When you look at the hefty price, Microsoft is asking for its Xbox One X, while PC gaming rigs are dropping their prices. Sony might just have to give it a mid-range price to compete.

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Markie Straub November 7, 2017 - 1:46 pm

I don’t want the PS5, the PS4 is good enough already. Plus PS4 Pro just came out. There’s still a lot of games on PS4 that I haven’t played yet that looks good.

Felix Omondi February 12, 2018 - 6:39 am

Awesome…. then again can you complete all the games?

Markie Straub February 12, 2018 - 4:10 pm

Exactly. There’s no way to finish them all. Therefore, PS4 is good enough

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