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Sony Xperia Touch projector gives you Tony-Stark-type of Touchscreen Computer on any surface

by Felix Omondi
Sony Xperia Touch projector

Want to feel as smart as Tony Stark (Iron man) looks crunching on those touchscreen computers that seem to pop out of any surface? Sony Xperia Touch projector lets you do just that!

First launched last year as a concept projector, the Sony Xperia Touch allows you to interact with any surface as you would with a touchscreen. Back then it was a prototype, and like most prototypes, it was buggy and difficult to work with, but Sony has tweaked up somethings.

Sony Xperia Touch projectorAt the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC 2017) in Barcelonia, Sony launched the Xperia Touch projector, and it seems to be working flawlessly. The projector runs on Android and gives you full access to all apps available on Google Play Store.

That is to say, now you can turn any surface into a touchscreen Android-powered computer, and you can use all the Play Store apps for work, play, or both. Just like Tony Stark does in the Marvel movies.

Sony Xperia Touch limitations

Being a projector that turns any surface into a touchscreen computer, you would be tempted to have the biggest screen ever. By projecting it over the largest possible vertical or horizontal surface, you can find. Well, there is a limitation in just how big-a-surface you can have your touchscreen computer.

The Sony Xperia Touch projector surface can only work well up to a surface of 80 inches; beyond which the images begin to lose their touch capabilities. However, that might just be a temporary limitation, as Sony promises to go back to the drawing board and increase the projector’s working coverage.Sony Xperia Touch projector

Sony will begin shipping the Xperia Touch in Spring with a $1,587 price tag. The first market will be Japan and Europe with the U.S. market following later in the year.

Other Sony devices launched at MWC 2017

It is no secret Sony is struggling to compete with smartphones heavyweights like Samsung and Apple. But it would appear, Sony is diversifying into a niche it thinks it has better chances of becoming the market heavyweight, the Internet of Things (IoT) Xperia Ear Open

To that end, Sony has launched a concept product; the Xperia Ear Open Concept. That is wireless earphone with an inbuilt artificial voice assistant. Though Sony launched the Xperia Ear last year, it would appear this latest one has been tweaked up and better than the previous.

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