Sony’s not Playing Around: PlayStation 5 launch with at least Two Dozens ready Titles

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When it comes to gaming, Sony is certainly playing no games. In an unprecedented move, the upcoming PlayStation 5 console will ship with already blockbuster titles up for sale. The PS5 comes packed, loaded, and ready to game.

Long gone are the days when society viewed video gaming as a child’s play not worth the time or attention of an adult worth their salt. Well, looking at the price tag of the gaming consoles and video games themselves, which child can afford such things, without the financial aid of a working adult? Also, have you looked at how detailed and complex the storyline and gameplay have been getting over the years? Again, which child can have the brain aptitude to complete some of these challenges found in some of these latest titles?

If you still ascribe to those archaic and draconian school of thought. You definitely need to do a little research online on how much professional gamers make. You will definitely change your mind. Some of these professionals gamers are barely 10-years-old, but create such a buzz online and have a huge following that marketers run to them with cheques to endorse their products. Yes, they definitely make more than the average John and Jane Doe adults out there.

According to Statista, the age group that plays video games the most are those aged between 18-35, so go figure!

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 PlayStation 5 comes prepared

It is customary for video game console and machines OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to first release their device, then developers (video game studios) to release the titles. As you may already know, each console comes with its unique hardware and software. The developers will then have to create their titles to run smoothly on that particular device.

That is why you find titles uniquely for PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4. The same remains true for other competing consoles, such as the X Box and Nintendo. The situation is largely the same even in computer video games. The publishing studio will have to tweak its game to play on Windows PCs, macOS, and other Linux distros.

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For the PS5, Sony must have been working together with video game publishing studios under the radar. How else would one explain the fact that during the official unveiling event of their next generation of console, they also announced not one, or two, not even 12, but over two dozens titles ready to play?

Yes, the world learned on June 11 during the official PS5 unveiling event, the console will have 26 new games ready to play. No doubt, the console is coming onto the scene with a big bang.

PS – These games, though announced as being ready to play on the PlayStation 5, have not been demonstrated to work flawlessly. Historically, new consoles reach their peak in the market in terms of fanfare about two to three years after their official launch. That can be attributed to the fact it takes developers time to come up with new titles or tweak their old ones. So that they can run smoothly on the new hardware and software presented by the new generation console.

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Sony’s PS5 ready-to-play Titles

With the official unveiling of the PS5, came a further revelation of video game titles that are ready for play on the new console. They are as follows:


Title Developer Release Date Genre
NBA 2K21 2K Sports 2020 Sports
Madden NFL 21 EA Sports 2020 Sports
Dirt 5 Codemasters 2020 Racing
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ubisoft Montreal 2020 Action Adventure
Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six Ubisoft Montreal 2020 1st-Person Shooter
Fortnite Epic Games 2020 Battle Royale
Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar North 2021 3rd-Person Action
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine Ubisoft 2020 1st-Person Shooter
Gran Turismo 7 Polyphony Digital 2020 3rd-Person Action
Spider-Man: Miles Morales Insomniac Games 2020 3rd-Person Action
Project Athia Luminous Productions N/A Action Adventure
Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Insomniac Games N/A Action Adventure
Returnal Housemarque N/A 3rd-Person Shooter
Stray BlueTwelve Studio N/A Simulation
Sackboy: A Big Adventure Sumo Digital N/A Adventure
Destruction AllStars Lucid Games N/A Vehicular combat
Goodbye Volcano High KO_OP N/A Narrative Adventure
Kena: Bridge of Spirits Ember Lab N/A Action Adventure
GhostWire: Tokyo Tango Gameworks 2021 1st-Person Action
Oddworld: Soulstorm Oddworld Inhabitants 2020 Platformer
Godfall Gearbox 2020 Hack-and-Slash
JETT: The Far Shore Superbrothers/Pine Scented 2020 Space Exploration
Hitman III IO Interactive 2020 Jan Action Stealth
Little Devil Inside Neostream Interactive N/A Action Adventure
Astro’s Playroom ASOBI Team N/A 3D Platformer
Demon’s Souls Bluepoint Games N/A Action RPG
Bugsnax Young Horses 2020 Action Adventure
Resident Evil VIII: Village Capcom 2021 Survival Horror
Deathloop Arkane Studios 2020 Action Adventure
Horizon 2: Forbidden West Guerrilla Games N/A Action RPG
Pragmata Capcom 2022 Action Adventure


You might have noticed that the list above includes titles that are already in the market, such as the GTA V. Well, although it will be the same game as what you get with the PS4 console, there will be new additional storyline and adventures designs specifically for fans on PS5.

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