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Soon App for iPhone Reminds, Categorizes Your Everyday Wishlists, To-Do Lists

by Fahad Saleem

It happens to all of us almost daily. Your friend recommends you a movie, book or a new restaurant to try. What do you do? You quickly take out your phone, jot down the name of the item you need to try and that’s it. But a note taking app has proved a failure because these apps cannot help us track, remember or remind what we wrote down. But a new app called Soon is now in the market to revolutionize all of this. Soon makes special categories of items. For example, it has categories like Movies, TV Shows, Books, Restaurants, Hotels etc. If a friend recommends you a book, you quickly open Soon and jot down the name in the Books category. Then what? Soon will retrieve all the necessary information of the book from the internet like author name, reviews, availability. This way, you will always remember the book your friend recommended each time you pass by Soon app.

soon app 1

soon app 2

Soon cofounder and CEO Carl Anchér says that note taking apps fail to remind users of the things they planned to try mainly because note taking apps show just normal, empty looking text, which does not connect the dots for the user after weeks or months because there is much going on in our lives and we forget things. Soon, however, categorizes things in a perfect manner. Once you have done, completed, tried the thing you wrote, there was a “Past” section in Soon where that item goes and you can always open the Past section to see what you have tried and to recommend others as well.

soon app 5

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Soon also has a social element. You can see others’ shared lists and see what people are upto, what they are trying. You can search for Soon users around you based on your location and see the “Trending” items to know which movie, book or restaurant is hot in your area.

soon app 3

soon app 1

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Soon has only one sign-up method, which is via Facebook account. I hope the app makes another sign-up method because not everyone wants to login apps using Facebook. The app got some negative reviews based on this single flaw. Overall, the app has a cool idea and is likely to garner popularity in the future.

soon app 4

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