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SoundCloud Releases New and Improved App for iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

SoundCloud Releases New and Improved App for iPhone

SoundCloud has been one of the best and most reliable music streaming services for a long time. Sure there was SoundCloud app for iPhone and Android phones before, but this release for iPhone is so much better than the previous release.

SoundCloud have removed all the recording functionalities and have kept their focus on streaming and listening of music. It is now faster and better. Moreover, this update for the app has brought SoundCloud up-to-date with its competitors and of course, its customers. According to the company that made SoundCloud, about two thirds of music streaming is done on smartphones. And this endeavor has put SoundCloud in the great market of music.

soundcloud 3

The new app for SoundCloud helps you keep updated with the people or groups of music you are following. They have made the app faster, more fluid and more user friendly. The search gives priority to recently added music and the people you follow. They have also added the feature for trending music for the first time. They have also categorized the searching into different genres of music like rock, metal, jazz, blues, country, folk and classical. All the ordering and categorization and flowing has added a touch of Twitter into it. Even the original Twitter is rumored to be interested on acquisition of SoundCloud.

The user interface is changed in a good way. When you open a track, the full screen version of the track opens and you can tap anywhere to pause or play. You can seek through the waveform anywhere and also you can navigate between next and previous tracks by just swiping left or right.


soundcloud 2


While making many of the things better, they sure have missed some things that were supposed to be in the app. For instance, the repeat button. You need to have a repeat button if you don’t want to bring your phone out of your pocket every time to play the song again. The company is looking for more improvements and taking feedback from customers.

You can download this app from here.

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