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South Africa’s Shopstar Lets You Shop Online With Ease

by Fahad Saleem

South Africa’s Shopstar Lets You Shop Online With Ease

The ecommerce technology is certainly on the rise in South Africa. According to a rough estimate, this industry is growing at a rapid rate, achieving 30% improvement per year. The market was worth R4.4 Billion in 2013. We should certainly expect plenty of competition in this field. Shopstar is one such competing ecommerce platform. It is only one year old, but has gained tremendous popularity as an open source for anyone to create and manage their online shop with the help of minimal effort. This company is developed in Cape Town, and provides the home grown solutions for the unique e-commerce requirements in South Africa.

shop star 1

The founder of Shopstar, Jens Herf, after spending some time in Europe realized the presence of the massive gap need to be filled. He referred to the online sales and marketing abroad, and indicated that they have streamlined their business online that has provided more chances of jobs and employment.

Although, plenty of fierce competitors exist abroad and locally such as eShop, This Army, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify, yet Shopstar believes that it can stand out in the race with focusing on all essential elements of ecommerce instead of just web developing.

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The greatest thing about Shopstar is that it is manufactured by local people. This ascertains that they not only understand the desired technology but also have know-how of the South African market. The clients in South Africa can trust them with great confidence since this is their local company.

The company has also formed relationships with the significant logistics groups such as DPD Laser so as to find the methods of simplifying the process of delivery. It also arranges events for its customers after every month or so where some industry specialists are invited. The presentations included in the events include marketing, logistics, legal matters, social media, photography, and so on.

 To have more chances of growth, Shopstar is utilizing the monthly registration fees from its customers that include packages lying in the range between $20 and $100 per month. The prices vary in correspondence with the stock that is needed to be stored.

Some of the features that clients will receive include unique PoS, meaning that the staff can ring up sales in the store or at some other markets. The owners are also able to customize their shops, and add their own domain to suite their brand requirements.

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