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iPhone 7 has managed to attract the focus of the world way before its launch and the hype is not going away until its release this year. Although Apple has not officially announced the iPhone 7 release date nor has it shown its intentions regarding iPhone 7 specs, the rumor factories aren’t stopping anyway. There has been quite a buzz about what might or might not be in the new iPhone 7 from many quarters and there is quite a wide range of these sources. We, therefore, have collected the gist of all the leaks and rumors about iPhone 7 specs some of which are predicted by the famed KGI security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has been one hundred percent accurate in his prediction about Apple’s products in the last 18 months. Let’s see what is being expected in new iPhone 7 specs and features and what the iPhone 7 release date is going to be.

iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Specs and Release Date

No Home Button

This is probably the most radical thing to go for when it comes to revolutionizing the design; but that is what being predicted about iPhone 7. One, it gives the room to enlarge the screen size without increasing the overall size of the device; second, the size of the device could be reduced without compromising on the screen size. The word is not final though and is keeping the tech world debating on the possibility of this change. If removed, Apple would bring its Touch ID Sensors to the side of the device, making it convenient to unlock the device while keeping it secure with fingers scanning. The Touch ID will thus continue to be a part of iPhone 7 specs.

Dual Rear Cameras

The tech expert Kuo suggested that Apple is planning to introduce two variants of iPhone’s Plus version with one of them bringing dual rear cameras, allowing for better focus, depth, optical image stabilization and zoom. This move will be facilitated by Apple’s last year $20 million purchase of multiple lens imaging technology from Israeli company Linx Imaging. This means that apple is rigorously trying to enhance the iPhone 7 specs with both software as well as hardware additions.

Sapphire Glass

iPhone has had Corning’s Gorilla glass in its iPhones from quite some time now and the rumors suggest that it is time Apple is going to move to a tougher and scratch resistant Sapphire glass, which is only being used in the luxury phone brands like Vertu. Apple has already used the Sapphire glass in its iWatch and it would be fair to expect the use of same glass in new iPhone 7 as well.


It has been discovered and shown in various trials by tech enthusiasts that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus can withstand water submerging for quite an extended period. Although Apple hasn’t announced it as an iPhone 6S feature, the prediction is that the Waterproof feature will be boasted in iPhone 7 model when the technology has been further matured.

Longer Battery Life

With Apple bringing enhanced life to its battery powers in its new Mac versions, there is a strong prediction for it to do the same for iPhone 7 as well. The battery life of the past versions has been kept stagnant for quite long now and an enhancement is this regard is direly imminent.

Addition of Models

iPhone 7 Plus is predicted to come in two variants, with one featuring the standard Plus version features and the additional one boasting a dual camera set on its back. There is also an expectation for Apple to launch a rather small 4 inch version device which many still miss as a standard and handy Apple benchmark design. The variance would also offer different iPhone 7 specs, but the variance would not differ very much from each other.

Wireless Charging

While waterproofing would need the headphone jacks to be removed, the charging and headphones will have to share the same slot. This would necessitate the introduction of wireless charging pad or charging without the need of a connecting adapter, as has been emphasized upon Apple by the tech critics since long. Apple has been found to be interested in developing a new wireless charging system that would be different from those that are currently in vogue.

iPhone 7 Release Date

Since iPhone 5, Apple seems to have fixed the release date of its new iPhone models to be in the month of September. Apple has not deviated from this month for release since iPhone 5 and there is no reason to expect it will for iPhone 7. So the iPhone 7 release date is going to be September 2016. It is good that Apple has adopted a standard release pattern which is helpful in many ways for the consumers and the market. iPhone 7 release date is thus unanimously expected to be in September in the current year.


While there are still many months left until the iPhone 7 is released officially, one can expect a lot more to be predicted about it in the coming months.




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