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Spectranet Offers Nigerians A Unified Mobile Data Rate & Unlimited Free Night Browsing

by Milicent Atieno
Spectranet Offers Nigerians A Unified Mobile Data Tariff & Unlimited Free Night Browsing

Spectranet 4G LTE Internet Service Provider (ISP) has announced new unified rate package to all users across Nigeria. Earlier the ISP gave different rates to different regions in Nigeria.

In a move geared toward increasing Internet penetration across the country, going forward, Spectranet Internet tariffs will be unified across Nigeria and access made more affordable and faster.

The ISP sys the new package will come with an additional 10GB bonus for users that renews before June 30th. Users will also enjoy unlimited free night browsing starting at 1 AM to 7 AM.

The unified and revised plans simply means all Spectranet subscribers across the country can now enjoy the same data plan as against the previous tariff where what went for Lagos was not applicable to Port-Harcourt and other cities,” said Mike Ogor, the Head of Marketing at Spectranet.

That means the same data package a Spectranet subscriber buys in Lagos, applies to all states in Nigeria where the ISP’s services are available. The ISP has also packaged the data plans into packages to suit different pockets; whether one is a student, a professional, home- and business-needs.

Ogor adds, “when a customer buys data ranging from 20GB to 200GB each customer is automatically entitled to an extra 10GB monthly and unlimited free night browsing, and this will go a long way in helping customers connects to what matters to them.”

Ogor also said that the ISP has improved its Internet connection speed to enable seamless video streaming by users given video streaming requires a fast Internet connection. Nigerians now stand a better chance to conduct online business, shopping, marketing and e-commerce in general. They are also better suited to get education, entertainment and keep in touch with family and friends online.

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