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Speed Up Animations on iPhone with Speed Intensifier

by Fahad Saleem

Speed Up Animations on iPhone with Speed Intensifier

Your iPhone is a smart device that can perform various functions in addition to just calling and texting. These functionalities make your iPhone a virtual PC, provided it supports sufficient speed for reasonable user experience. The latest iPhone models like iPhone 6 boast tons of advanced features, which could be even better with fast animations speeds. Here, we show you to speed up animations in iOS 8, provided you have jailbroken your device.

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You can boost performance of your iPhone by using a free jailbreak tweak Speed Intensifier. This tweak shortens animations that occur during transitions between various apps. The performance can become really sluggish as you switch between apps.

This tweak is basically 2-part: one for your Settings app and the other is a Winterboard add-on. Both these files can be found on the If you don’t have the source installed, navigate to the Manage tab in Cydia, select Sources, and add repo of Insanelyi. After adding a new repository, search for Speed Intensifier. You should see the app and also the Speed Intensifier add-on. It is highly recommended to install both of them since the add-on integrates well with the main application.

The tweak breaks the limitations that Apple imposes on the device to save your battery. It will make your iPhone operate as if it is plugged in for charging. You can customize the tweak from the Settings app. The app will show up in Winterboard as 3 options: Sl Underclock, Si Speedup, and Si Overclock.

Speed Up Animations on iPhone with Speed Intensifier 1

The developer of the app claims that you can enhance the speed of animations to a high level. You might think that this tweak might drain your battery faster. However, it has been experienced that battery is also conserved to a large extent. However, it may not stay as long as it used to be without the tweak. You will have to find the right balance between the speed and battery life by adjusting the settings of the tweak.

It is guaranteed that your experience of using iOS 8 will improve with Speed Intensifier tweak. This tweak can speed up animations in iOS 8 with minimum time for switching between apps.

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