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Speed up browsing in Firefox using Fasterfox

by Fahad Saleem

Speed up browsing in Firefox using Fasterfox

Are you tired of waiting for long for your favorite video to stream on your Firefox browser? Are you look for a fast browsing speed? Firefox browsing can be said to be one of the best browsers out there, however there is always room for improvement. Today Innov8tiv Magazine is going to show you exactly just how you can accomplish that. We will reveal to you an amazing Firefox add-on that will enhance your browsing experience on Firefox a notch higher. This app helps you increase your download, streaming, upload and the overall performance of your Firefox browser.

Dubbed Fasterfox, this is a new extension of your favorite browser Firefox. It will enable you to speed up your browsing immensely: page loading time will reduce significantly, because it has an efficient back end threading of Fasterfox that makes it really easy for the RSS Feeds to load up in the page. For better control this extension gives you various options to select from, but when you initially open the window, you will only get two tabs that are “Presets” and “Fasterfox” in the Options window.

In the “Preset” tab, you will get a number of profiles that are named according to the level of performance switch. You can find options like Default/Normal and Courteous/Light etc. If you get confused about which is the right one for you, you can read the description provided under these figure below:

fasterfox  -2


For an average web surfer, who uses his browser occasionally, then preset should do the job for you. For the advanced users, you can change the performance to suite your needs, by using the “custom” option.


Under the Fasterfox tab, you can add the keywords that you don’t want to prefetch while loading your pages. You can do this under “Enhance Prefetching”. You can also enable your page load time in the same tab.


The third tab known as “cache” will allow you to change your browser and DNS cache values. Similarly, you can add the connection to the server in this tab. We tried the Turbo charge option, and it really made a big difference in the loading and streaming speed. So it is recommended that you should give this new add-on  a try if you want a good fast browsing experience. So download the Fasterfox by clicking the link below.

Download Fasterfox for Firefox


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