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Speed Dial 2 extension now available on Firefox Quantum; Chrome has serious competition

When Mozilla released Firefox Quantum, it made a lot of promises about its speed and efficiency. Then again, you couldn’t expect them to do anything different, every business (for profit or otherwise) must toot its own horn if its product is going to be noticed.

Thankfully, for Mozilla that was not an empty huff and puff, Firefox Quantum has actually transformed the good old Firefox into a browser that could finally get you to dump the resource-hog Chrome browser.

Simply put, Chrome does get the job done fast. Sure, if you opened more than a dozen tabs at once, even if you got a beefy computer, things will start getting slow. Then there are those accusations the browser can never run away from; for the simple reason its owned by the biggest search engine Google. Chrome will always be marred by the allegation of data mining users online activities to enable Google to serve you better-targetted ads.

The fact that it is big on user privacy is what has made Firefox appealing all along. The browser keeps those invisible trackers at bay and ensures your browsing history is only available to you. However, it was nowhere close to the speeds and efficiency you get with Chrome.

It looks like Mozilla went back to the drawing board and designed the browser from the ground-up, and Firefox Quantum has evolved the entire browsing experience. The browser now recognized our ultra-modern lives, where we are now mobile-first, access the web across multiple devices and adapted to it.

Speed Dial 2 now available as Firefox Extension

Another thing that makes Chrome the best browser is the plethora of extensions available to it, including the Speed Dial 2. This extension intuitively enables you to customize your new tab page with your favorite browser and easy access to your history.

It is one of the extensions that made it harder for people who were thinking of jumping ship from Chrome to Firefox to do so. The extension is now available on Firefox Quantum, and it syncs with your Speed Dial 2 account you have been using on Chrome. That means all your customization and set speed dials are coming with you from Chrome to Firefox.

You can install the extension from the Mozilla Firefox extensions store here.

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