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Speedup your browsing in Mozilla Firefox using ‘Super Drag’

by Fahad Saleem

Speedup your browsing in Mozilla Firefox using ‘Super Drag’
Browsing the internet without glitches and lags has been my unsatisfied wish for years. I have tried Chrome, Firefox, Safari and many others but as my job is to research and discover new horizons of the web, my normal surfing takes above 40 tabs which makes every browser to lag. I cannot make a new browser, neither I can wait for 10 years when browsing will be revolutionized to the core. What I have done to make the browsing fast? I am going to share a tip with all the Mozilla Firefox users. All the Firefoxers out there, there is an amazing tool which can make your browsing sessions much more fast, fruitful and interesting.

Super Drag is an excellent Firefox add-on that has given us a novel way of surfing the internet. All you need to do is just to drag the link you want to click in the search engine or any image you want to interact with in just sideways, and there will be pop-up showing you options to open the link, sublinks, images in the same tab, extra tabs or other windows. This drag drop functionality is seamlessly integrated with the browsing and saves loads of memory.

super drag - 1

Browsing tabs are divided into multiple threads, and the cache memory is used excessively. The more tabs you open, the more distributed becomes the memory. Super Drag lets you go for the options which can save a lot of time and effort. You can just simply drag  any link or object bit off its position in any direction, and Super Drag’s command panel appears right beside the mouse cursor.

super drag 2

Amazing feature of Super Drag lets you search any link or keywords across different browsers. When you drag any word or link, a context menu appears asking you for selecting the search engine for the web search. Super Drag lets you open any object in the same tab, different tabs and different windows.

super drag 3

Super Drag gives you a bag full of customizations in your browsing. For example, you can completely change the behavior of the browsers whenever you drag, drop, press or hold the mouse buttons.

super drag  4

Super Drag is a must have feature in your Mozilla Firefox browsers because this amazing add-on depletes number of clicks and memory used, making it easier for you to search and discover the web.

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