Split and Join Videos With Gridplay App on iOS

Split and Join Videos With Gridplay App on iOS

Gridplay is an app which uses the camera of your mobile phone to record videos in a different way. It divides the camera view into a grid of cells, and you can record different videos in each cell. At the original price, you can get maximum of 15 seconds of recording in each cell, but just for $0.99, you can get 15 minutes of recording in each cell.

This app also lets you edit the videos in each cell. You can put different soundtracks in each of the cells, and you can join two different existing videos in two cells. By default, a grid of 9×9 is selected but you can change that and put any number of grids up to 9 in each row or column.

For the first time you use this app, this might seem very complicated, but after watching its tutorial video, you will know it is simple. You can use your front or back cameras. The viewfinder icons will control how you want to record the video; you can get one input from the camera and divide it into cells, or duplicate the videos in all grids, and you can also record different cells at different times.

You can also change the size of each grid by setting the frame, add a flash, or use a time delay to enable recording for the videos in each cell differently. You can find all these options in settings, which is basically a little cog wheel icon shown in the picture above. You can change these settings for any cell. Once you start recording, you can pause any cell any time until the recording time limit is reached, and you can also start at any moment. You can also trim off the video and add the music later in each cell according to your requirements once the video recording is done.

In the end, when your editing is complete, the video is saved in your camera roll and you can share this on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Price: $1.99

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