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Spotify for your Apple Watch might be announced at WWDC 2018

by Felix Omondi
spotify apple watch wwdc 2018

Spotify is perhaps one of the most ‘user requested’ app for the Apple Watch device, and Apple might grant that at the upcoming WWDC 2018 slated for June.

This revelation came from an anonymous source to MacRumors, who claims Apple is currently developing Spotify for Apple Watch. The support framework for such an app is already available with the StreamKit feature in the new watch OS 5 framework.

StreamKit, in case you don’t know yet, allows cellular Apple Watch models to stream music as well as receive notification from the third-party apps. The Apple Watch does all that independently of the paired iPhone.

Indications that Spotify app could soon be available on the Apple Watch emerged when the company Spotify hired the independent developer Andrew Chang who had earlier developed his own Apple Watch app to stream off Spotify. So there is little doubt Spotify (the company) is working on its own Spotify app for the Apple Watch; but does it mean Apple gave them early access to the new watch OS 5 framework?

Then again, Apple is not particularly fond of giving other companies the free spotlight during their own event. So to say, Apple might announce the availability of Spotify app on the Apple Watch might be farfetched, but you never know, the Cupertino Company might surprise us.

The three-years-long missed opportunity

Apple Watch has been in existence for a while now, and to think all that time the device could not stream! That is a missed opportunity for Apple. So it is fair to say it is about time Apple got some streaming service on that device. But is that reason enough for Apple to give Spotify free publicity at the WWDC 2018? That remains to be seen.

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