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Spotify new feature lets you block artists you don’t like … R.Kelly perhaps?

by Milicent Atieno
spotify r kelly

Spotify is working on a new feature – don’t play this artist – that will let you block certain artists from your playlist. When you block an artist, say R.Kelly, they will no longer be included in your charts, playlists, libraries, and radio stations on the streaming app.

Sadly, you cannot block songs that the blocked artist was featured. It only works with their own songs. Spotify is reported to have been working on this feature since 2017, and has been holding it off “after serious consideration.”

The streaming platform has never felt more pressure to roll out the feature than in 2018 against the backdrop of ‘Surviving R. Kelly,’ a documentary featuring some of the sexual misconduct by the now infamous R&B singer. Mr. Kelly is accused of sexually exploiting minors for over 25 years.

In May 2018, Spotify banned R. Kelly songs from being curated in their playlists, following policy on not to promote (though not an outright ban) of the artist’s songs. Listeners did not appreciate this half-punishment, and Spotify got a backlash over it for its confusing policy.

#MuteRKelly campaign

I would say, what pushed Spotify to roll out the ‘don’t play this artist’ feature was the much-publicized #MuteRKelly campaign. The very same campaign that saw label RCA Records drop him.

Nonetheless, you can block any other artists you would like other than ‘Rkeeey’. Check out some fun meme netizens had been showing on how they will be using this new feature.

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