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How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone using the iPhone Spy App

by Felix Omondi
How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone using the iPhone Spy App

In his early months at the Oval Office, the 45th POTUS was bashed by some political pundits for his continued use of the Android phone he had before winning the elections. The said pundits expected him to immediately switch to a more secure line of communication. Perhaps ditch Android for iPhone, BlackBerry or some Secret Service phone not known to the public. Whatever the case, the question still remains; can you spy on someone’s iPhone?

Well, the guys behind the iPhone Spy App seem to think so, and they say there are two lines of attack when you want to spy on someone’s iPhone:

#1 – Get physical access to the target iPhone and install the spying app

#2 – Eavesdrop on the target iPhone’s iCloud activities

The first line of attack comes with a lot of complications and risks. For instance, how do you get physical access to someone’s iPhone? I mean, you can ‘sort of use’ your wife’s or girlfriend’s iPhone while she is in the bathroom or sound asleep provided you know their passcode. The same goes with anyone else who has had the misfortune of using their iPhone around your cunning-sharp eyes. Once you have access to the phone, you can then install the spying app.

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But when gaining physical access to the target’s phone is not possible. The next best bet would be to hack their iCloud account and start eavesdropping on activities there. That includes backups of their iMessages, photos, videos, and documents. But if they never backup any incriminating information, you will be out of luck with as far as spying on the iPhone goes. 

How iPhone Spy App enables you Spy on Someone’s iPhone

Well, the name is a little too derivative so it is easy to tell what the app does, nonetheless, we are going to state them: the iPhone Spy App enables you to:

Listen and record phone calls on the target iPhone in real-time

Read incoming and outgoing text messages on SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, email, etc

Acts as keylogger allowing you to know what is being typed on the phone’s screen

Remotely access to the camera and speakers allowing you to take photos and eavesdrop on the phone’s surroundings

Remotely access the phone memory and view pictures and videos in the gallery

Locate the iPhone’s geographical location using GPS

View the phone’s calendar, notes, and bookmark entries

Below we have highlighted some of the iPhone Spay App features we liked the most:

Block certain Content: The iPhone Spy App enables you to block your child from accessing certain websites, applications, and instant messaging apps. You can also set the time limit your child can use certain applications or use the device in general.

Content Scheduling: The app also gives you control as the parent to schedule time when your child can access certain content. That includes when they can play video games, go on social media sites, and visit given websites. Not forgetting, you can view what they have been doing during that scheduled period they were allowed to use the phone.


There are many scenarios where you may find the app useful and not all of it would be with an evil motive. Take, for instance, in the scenarios below

Know what your rebellious Teen is up to

We live in the information age, at the press of a button a swipe on a screen, we get information. Sadly, it is the wrong kind of information that is getting a whole lot of eyeballs. Things have never been harder on a parent trying to nurture his or her teen child than in this digital information age.

Today’s teens are practically zombies. Waking up to their phone, spending the entire days on their phone, falling asleep while on their phones. They wake up the next day and repeat the same thing. According to a recent survey, 60% of teens say they spend most of their time texting on the different chat platforms, playing video games, and other time-wasting things.

Some also do sexting, share nudes, watch pornography, and exposing the entire family to cyber-attacks by unwittingly sharing too much information online. Sure, as a parent, you always have the Parental Control feature in some of these software and devices. They still have gaping holes, which the iPhone Spy App seals.

The need to monitor phone activities is not limited to just parent-child relationship. The most notorious need for surveillance is between couples, where one partner is suspecting the other of dipping their hands inside an outside a cookie jar. The iPhone Spy App can nab you a cheater.

Catch a Cheating Partner

Once you have installed the iPhone Spy App you can remotely view their location and know when they are lying to you about where they are, and what they could be doing. You can also read the messages they are sending and receiving on social media, the likes and commenting they are doing, listen in on their phone calls as well as record it and much more.

Spy on Employees slacking during Working Hours

There are those employees who like using your time as their employer to do their own things, which does not benefit the company. Like playing video games, using the company’s internet to binge movies, and badmouthing everyone including you as the boss to fellow gossipers in and around the workplace.

Well, the iPhone Spy App can help you burst such kind of employees. You also get to view, in charts and diagrams, how much time they spend working versus doing things related to their work. You can also stop corporate espionage before it even begins by knowing the employee who is selling out your company’s secrets to your competitor.

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