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Square Rolls Out Square Cash for Money Transactions via Email

by Fahad Saleem

Square Rolls Out Square Cash for Money Transactions via Email

When you talk about transactions between companies and their customers, you need a highly reliable solution as the transactions may be quite huge in amount. Even when the transactions are involved among general public only, you need to have a sophisticated solutions. Square is quite famous for its financial transaction software that allows the business to accept payments from the customers. This facility is now extended to the general public for sharing funds via emails.

Square Cash has now been redesigned for making it easy for transferring money. You don’t even require going through any kind of lengthy registration process. The funds are directly transferred from one bank account to the other in a matter of few days only.

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In order to send the money, you just need to email to the recipient of the funds while sending the copy to the Square will then prompt the sender to add the debit card to sponsor the payment. Once Square approves the transfer of money from sender, it sends the notification to the recipient to link his debit card to process the transaction. The money will then directly be transferred in a matter of one or two business working days.

This service can be utilized from any email client (desktop, web, or mobile). You can also try the Square Cash app for iPhone that provides you a convenient method to send your payments via emails.

If you have any kind of threat of email spoofing then you must know that Square has the industry-leading risk identification system that prohibits any chances of that happening.

Square verifies that the emails are coming from the legitimate senders only. For double verification, text is sent to your mobile for every transaction if you have linked your mobile number to your emails. The intelligent risk detection system combines smart automation with manual human review. It detects the suspicious behavior in real time and in many cases, even before the occurrence of any doubtful thing. As soon as the company detects any kind of suspicious activity in your account, it will alert you from sending any payments in the future.

You can use this app only within US. With the aid of Square Cash, sending and receiving money has become quite easy. It has certainly brought a new revolution in the world of online transactions.

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