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SQUIRE App – The ‘Uber’ Of Getting Your Haircut Hassle Free At Barbershops

by Felix Omondi
SQUIRE App – The ‘Uber’ Of Getting Your Haircut Hassle Free At Barbershops

The barbershop industry in the United States is a $16-billion-per-year industry. Haircut expresses men’s individual style. Other than that, great haircuts make men come off as well groomed bringing out their aesthetic signature and boost their confidence.

There are different haircuts for different times. Take, for instance, the haircuts for the 80s, 90s and the new millennium are quite different. So in a way, haircuts can be time capsules showcasing different times in history. There is no doubt that good haircut is a mark of pride, masculinity, and cultural affiliation.

A trip to the barbershop to get a haircut is more than just for the sake of grooming. Barbershops are a magnet for collective conversation, neighborhood news, and occasional counseling. However, there is always a pain associated with barbershops. The pain of finding a long queue of people waiting to be cut and, therefore, forcing you to reschedule your haircut for another day. That is if you are loyal to a particular barbershop. If you are the type that changes barbershop, then you probably realized how costly and inconveniencing it is to shop for new ones.

But now, there is an app for that! Two techies, Songe LaRon (31-years) and Dave Salvant (30-years), have come up with a mobile app designed to streamline the process. The app also gives you insightful tips and resources that connect you to the best barbers from around the country.

Dubbed SQUIRE enables users discover barbershops, book appointments and pay for the service from at the touch of a button on your mobile device. You can browse various barbers’ profiles, their reviews by previous customers, pay and tip them in a few taps on your mobile device.

Squire charges customers a 7% fee as a convenience fee added to the total charge upon payout. With Squire, you just show up at a barbershop, the barber gives you a haircut, and you walk away; no more queueing or pulling out your wallet. The app also gives you the option to reschedule and a feature to tip the barber if you like their cut that much.

On the barbers end, they register a $99 monthly subscription fee to be listed on Squire. Additionally, they are also given the option to sell their own products via the app by way of in-app purchases.

The app was first rolled out in the New York market as a flagship to see how Squire will fair. Salvant and LaRon are next planning on expanding it into other major metropolitan cities across the United States; like Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

SQUIRE’s run one year run in New York has generated over $5,000 per week in sales and saw a 46% week-to-week growth. The app has seen a 40% penetration rate in the City, and some barbershops have even replaced their existing scheduling software with SQUIRE.

As of now, there are about 50 barbershops that are on the waiting list and the SQUIRE developers are tweaking it continually to support a larger and more robust community of barbershops by inserting an admin panel that synchronized with the payment processing system Stripe and Google Calendar. This feature allows SQUIRE to offer services to a broader scale of barbers ranging from mom, pop shops to high-end locations.

About SQUIRE founders: Songe LaRon & Dave Salvant

SQUIRE App – The ‘Uber’ Of Getting Your Haircut Hassle Free At Barbershops

:Songe LaRon (31-years) and Dave Salvant (30-years)

LaRon and Salvant are seasoned entrepreneurs that have let go of promising career opportunities at big corporate organizations. They delved into focusing their attention on founding their tech company and thus the birth of SQUIRE.

LaRon, a graduate of UCLA and Yale Law School, he worked as a Corporate Attorney at the Skadden Arps where he played a leading role in advising Fortune 100 Companies on matters mergers and acquisitions.

Salvant is a graduate of the University of Albany where he specialized in Annuity Sales at AXA. Where he was instrumental in the company’s revenues rising from $40 million to $110 million during his tenure.

The market eruption being seen with convenience-driven service apps like Lyft and Uber inspired the duo to pursue a tech creation journey. That will see them create an app for men looking for a great haircut but without any hassle.

For more information, head on to the SQUIRE page at

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