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SSL Certificate: What it is and Why?


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The word SSL is not an uncommon one. In today’s day and age, it is the most familiar word when it comes to website security. SSL Certificates have become a crucial part of opening any website.

This article will discuss in detail what an SSL Certificate is as well as why it is so important.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL or Secure Socket Layer ensures that the connection between two systems remains secure. Enabling an encrypted connection ensures that any private information shared online, for example, passwords or credit card details, remain encrypted, and visible to only those responsible. The secure connection between client and server makes SSL Certificates vital for every website.

There are 3 main types of SSL Certificates, Extended Validation, Organization Validation, and Domain Validation.

How does SSL Certificate work?

SSL has a simple way of working that results in a secure connection.

It all starts with the handshake protocol where the server and website exchange the public key to ensure a secure connection. Also, during the handshake protocol, the generation of the session keys takes place. The different session keys are responsible for encrypting and decrypting data. SSL makes sure that the website, as well as the user, is authentic. Added to this it ensures the message that is transferred is not altered as well. Apart from this the SSL Certificate also ensured that HTTP data send to and from the website is encrypted, only to be decrypted by the rightful holder of the key.

Why is an SSL Certificate needed?

SSL Certificates are immensely important if you are a website owner.

Firstly, the most common and the main purpose of an SSL Certificate is to provide a secure connection. Every day, different kinds of information are shared online. Addresses, passwords, phone numbers, and credit card details to name a few. If they fall into the wrong hands, they can cause their owner a lot of damage. SSL sends the data in encrypted form, only allowing decryption when it reaches the rightful authority.

Secondly, If a website has an SSL Certificate from an authentic Certification Authority, it will result in earning trust. Website audience who is sharing information online won’t be hesitant as the website is protected. They will trust your website over competitors who do not have an SSL Certificate.

Thirdly, the Google Search engine prefers websites that have issued an SSL Certificate. Google is always working to make the search experience useful for people. They tend to rank websites with SSL Certificates higher than those who have not issued one. This results in more visibility of your website as compared to competitors who do not have an SSL certificate.

All these factors contribute to SSL being necessary for websites striving to get more audience that has trust in them as well.

Final words

By now, it is established that SSL Certificates are crucial if you are a website owner as it results in maximum security by encrypting data. Get an SSL Certificate issued from websites like to obtain a high rank in search engines, get a secure connection, and gain customer trust.

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