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Stanford Research Says Couples Who Smoke Marijuana Have More Sex

by Fahad Saleem

There is no shortage of studies proving the medical benefits of marijuana. But a new research shows that the use of marijuana results in increased sexual drive and intercourses. Stanford University School of Medicine conducted a study to find the effect of marijuana on sex lives of people using it. The results show that people who smoke marijuana have approximately 20% more sex than people who don’t smoke the magic leaves. The study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Stanford University School of Medicine started the study back in 2002. Over 50,000 Americans (aged 25-45) were surveyed and monitored till 2015.  Researchers asked the surveyed people about the frequency of sexual intercourses and the use of marijuana every week. It is important to note that all the surveyed people were heterosexual. On average, women who smoked pot had sex 7.1 times in four weeks, while women who didn’t smoke pot had sex 6 times in four weeks.  Men who smoked marijuana daily had sex 6.9 times compared with 5.6 for the men who didn’t smoke pot.

An average couple has sex once in a week. But the study suggests that smoking marijuana can easily increase the frequency of sex.

People around the US have started to speak for the legalization of marijuana. According to a latest Gallup survey, 64% Americans think that pot should be legalized for adults. Currently, Marijuana is legal for medicinal and recreational purpose in 29 states. Marijuana is useful to treat joint pains and depression.

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