Starta is on a Quest to know what startups Nigerians want to invest in

Starta is on a Quest to know what startups Nigerians want to invest in

Starta, the business support platform for African startups and entrepreneurs, is launching a Nigerian Startup Matchup competition.

In the competition, Starta is pitting 32 of the Nigerian startups that have raised institutional investment against each other on a championship-style table. Voters will be pretend to be investors and will be required to choose what startup they would invest in based on the matchup.

“The  Nigerian Startup Matchup is Starta’s attempt to feel the pulse of the ecosystem on what startups they consider financially most viable,” says Yele Bademosi, Country Manager for Starta in Nigeria. “So, we are placing Nigerian startups some of the best startups on a leaderboard-type table, and we are asking people to select the one they would they invest in.”

The startup with the highest votes will advance to the next level in the competition. There will be 5 rounds in total. Each rounds will eliminate startups with the fewest votes in each pair till a winner emerges.

The results for each rounds will be announced via Starta’s newsletter and the Nigerian Startup Matchup page.

The selected startups include

“Jumia, Konga, Paga, Dealdey, SimplePay, Jobberman, Wakanow,, IrokoTV, Andela, Jovago, TravelBeta, Paystack, Metro Africa Express – MAX, PushCV, Printivo, SureGifts, Podozi, Prepclass, Delivery Science, Cash Envoy, TalentBase,, Sliide Airtime, Kaymu, Carmudi, Lamudi, African Express Courier (ACE), Hello Food, VConnect, Social Lender,, TopCheck, Cheki”

The first round of voting ends on 14th June 2016.

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