Starta The Business Platform Making It Easier For SMEs Establishing In Africa

Starta The Business Platform Making It Easier For SMEs Establishing In Africa

Starting and running a successful business in Africa, is not as easy as one would imagine. Given, compared to the West, there are not a lot of well-established businesses that a startup business will have to go up against in competition in the market. Often a lot of the startups and SMEs that venture into the African markets run into bottlenecks that delay, frustrated or completely stops their businesses.

To address this situation, there is a new business support platform dubbed Starta that seeks to help startups and SMEs looking to establish in Africa, have an easier time doing so. As Dotun Olowoporoku, a Partner at Starta told Innov8tiv magazine, the platform seeks to help startup businesses in starting and scaling their operations in Africa. Starta mitigates the bottlenecks bedeviling SMEs venturing into the African market to start a successful venture.

Olowoporoku says, “Starta will address the knowledge and funding gaps in the ecosystem by providing relevant business advice and how-to, software tools, networking and funding opportunities for African founders.”

Starta is launching in the Q1 of 2016, with a great promise to businesses looking for a successful run within the African startup ecosystem. Starta is promising to give businesses a curated mix of practical business advice, funding, networking opportunities, software tools and how-to knowledge.

You can check out what Starta has in the offering at their website. Also, you could sign up to stand a chance to get their exclusive invite-only beta.

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