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Starting a Digital Marketing Career in 2021 with No Experience: How to Do It?

by Fahad Saleem

Digital marketing is a thriving career. As businesses worldwide move online, they want experts who could help them increase sales and online presence. If you want to become a digital marketer, I have some success stories that will give you some direction and guidance.

Self Made

This guy came into the digital marketing domain using an extremely practical approach. He started to read books about digital marketing but found them not very useful because digital marketing is a new domain and old books don’t offer much on that. After learning tools on the internet he started his own blog and built an audience around it using SEO and content. He then sold that blog and used it as a portfolio item to showcase his skills. This way, he entered the industry with a job. Now, he has his own agency. They help ecommerce companies.

Read this wonderful success story here.

From Nothing to Digital Marketing Agency

This success story repeats the same pattern. Finding no jobs? Just start your own website or just apply digital marketing concepts to your own social media profiles. If you can grow them, any company would be interested in you. This guy volunteered for a nonprofit, got an internship and then made his way up in the industry. Now, he is the marketing automation manager at a digital marketing agency.

Read this success story here.


The space for bullshit in the digital marketing is huge. Frankly, anyone can start a blog and claim to know SEO and Facebook Ads. But if you are ready to do hustle and actually learn stuff and show to businesses that you can expand their reach and sales online, they will give you tons of money.

So always hustle and get practical experience. Start your own web page and make it your portfolio. Grow it. Advertise it. Apply all strategies to it.

Here’s a great story I came across Reddit

Let me tell you something. When I graduated college, I had a truly shit job working for a fundraising department for an arts place. At five each day, I changed my work clothes to running clothes, threw everything in a backpack, and quite literally ran from one side of the city to the other to get to an internship that I convinced this other organization to offer. I ran because it was 30 minutes faster than public trans. When I got to the building, I threw my clothes back on and wolfed down the other half of a lunch for dinner. Four days a week. I stayed until 7-8 each night. I badged-in when people were leaving. I was young and I thought it was exhausting, but it was exciting too in a way I only see now. I did this for about a year.

Then I was hired. And if I hadn’t been hired, I would have had a kick-ass recommendation and a whole new network. That was a long, long time ago. I still talk with some of those people today.

You’re young. Tell them you’ll do anything. Get there and hustle. Good things will probably happen. If they don’t, it won’t be because you didn’t try.



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