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Starting a Shopify Store in 2020, 2021? Success Stories for Direction and Motivation

We are living in the age of e-commerce. The coronavirus outbreak has actually hastened the onset of the ecommerce revolution. Everybody is buying online now. This is making online shopping platforms like Shopify grow exponentially worldwide. If you want to sell items online by making a Shopify store in 2020 or 2021 and need some motivation or guidance, read some success stories below.

Over $600,000 in sales

This guy left his corporate finance role and started a Shopify store to sell t-shirts online. In just 11 months he was able to make revenue of $600,000. The guy shared his story on Reddit in which he gave all the details on how you could sell your products on Shopify. As always you have to first select what you want to sell. Leave the herd mentality. Don’t sell shirts because everyone else is doing so. Get product ideas by researching the market.

Read this success story here.

$75 million in Shopify sales

Keegan and Corey were interviewed by a Redditor on their Shopify success story. These guys are insanely successful now, making over $75 million in total sales, establishing and selling multiple ecommerce companies. Like every success story, they had humble beginnings. They came up with solid product ideas and simply poured their heart and soul into work. They marketed using Facebook ads and other social media platforms.

Read their success story here

From driving taxis to ecommerce companies

Kevin from Scotland drove taxis and fitted windscreens before starting his online store. He started selling shirts online as a side hustle while working

at his day job. But now he has a company with multiple stores. He sells shirts and other unique items. He has made over 171,000 pounds in revenue. Kevin shares his story on Store Hacks. Read it here.





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