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Startup in Cape Town Launches E-Signing Tool

by Fahad Saleem

Startup in Cape Town Launches E-Signing Tool

 Small square logo QuicklySign is a Cape Town-based start-up that’s looking to make e-signatures exist in South Africa. This will greatly reduce the transit time of documents in contractual agreements. Mailing documents back and forth for signatures is not only time-consuming but a boring process. It delays agreements and slows down the process of whatever you’re doing. With e-signatures, people can sign an agreement digitally, for example via e-mail. Someone e-mails you a document, you sign it digitally and e-mail it back. Most people wonder how one would sign digitally though. It’s actually quite a simple process; you either type it in or perform a physical capture by either signing or scanning on a phone or tablet. Instead of grabbing a pen and writing on a piece of paper, e-signing gives a more authentic experience and a lesser chance of making a  mistake.

The founders of this start-up, Gareth and Wayne More, are working hard and putting in their best efforts to make this common in an area where signing physical contracts is always happening. It was in 2002 when digital signing was implemented but back then it was much more tricky than now. Gareth points out how almost everyone has got a smartphone, so to implement and perform digital signatures is a lot more easier. Even though there are many international companies that provide the e-signing option, QuicklySign will offer South African prices and give local support. It has built their signing methods from the ground up. The brothers stated that many of the bigger agencies in South Africa are interested in their service and are looking to implement QuicklySign.

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This is great start-up for those in South Africa, especially the locals. E-signatures are so much easier, time-saving and better for the environment. No more using paper (which kills tress) to sign documents. As Gareth pointed out, most people have smartphones, especially the professionals.  QuicklySign is for  individuals who on a daily basis who need signatures for agreements, contacts, etc. QuicklySign is great addition to the wave of start-ups emerging from South Africa.

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