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Is this Startup, Legend, the Netflix Killer in Nigeria?

by Milicent Atieno
Is this Startup, Legend, the Netflix Killer in Nigeria?

Netflix has been available without any black-hat tweaks in Africa since the beginning of this year. It now appears it has gotten new competition to add to its list of competition in Africa. A Nigerian startup, Legend has just entered into the video streaming business.

Legend was founded by Gabriel Gab-Umoden a former VP of Marketing at Konga. Legend is a Triple Play Service giving using Premium Content on TV, Internet, and Voice services via a high-speed fiber optic connection wired to people’s homes and offices.

Legend has various packages including Legend Dual Packages, Legend Lite, Legend Triple Play, and Legend Zone. You might be interested in knowing that under its programming there is the Legend Freezone, a service that offers viewers free viewing of selected content. A tactic that works by luring users using fermium then getting them hooked that they will need to get the premium content in the long run.

While Nigeria’s and the larger West African market watch a lot of Nollywood movies; there is a growing middle class made up of youths that watch a lot of Hollywood movies. For that reason, Netflix still has much room to grow within the West African market. However, Legend’s Triple Play services giving them internet, voice, and TV is hard to ignore, and it is expected many homes in Nigeria will sign up for the service. Not forgetting the freebies Legend is using to lure customers onto its platform.

If you’re reading this from Nigeria and would like to know if your specific area has already had the Legend services rolled out, click here.

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