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Stay on Top of Your Household Item Warranty Claims with Expired App

by Fahad Saleem

You bought a shiny new washing machine. One morning when you were doing your laundry it stopped working. No problem, you were told that the machine was covered under warranty. But wait a minute, you didn’t ask what’s the exact time period of the warranty claim. Which parts, and faults are covered under the warranty. Heck, you don’t even know where to find the warranty cards and documents anymore.

Claiming for warranty of your household items is a hassle. It’s difficult to keep track of warranty receipts. Vendors can easily fool their customers by complicating the claim process, as most of the people don’t know which parts are covered under their product warranty.

A new smartphone app called “Expired” is here to help you solve all your problems related to product warranties. Expired helps you keep track of your product’s warranty period, receipt and warranty card.

You get notifications when a product you own is nearing its warranty expiration period.

The app consolidates all warranty records into a single point of repository. You can also use the in-app scanner feature to scan and save the pictures of warranty documents and receipts.

The app has a vast database in which tons of models of famous companies are added. The app will tell you the warranty period of different items. But if it doesn’t, you can add manual entries in the app.

You can take backups of the record in the app.

Expired app is available for iOS and Android.


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