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Stella Ngugi – Meet the Ladies of #AWITKenya2018

stella ngugi awit kenya 2018 #awitkenya2018

As our 2018 African Women in Technology (AWIT) Conference, Nairobi Chapter, draws close, we are excited to share perspectives, principles and needs of our esteemed female leaders and guests – panelists, speakers, moderators and mentors – with the aim of highlighting the challenges and triumphs African women in technology face in their careers and businesses.

These women have proven commitment to building and scaling technology businesses on the continent and they come from diverse backgrounds and sectors with different levels of experience.

It is our hope that these short interviews show a glimpse into the everyday reality of doing business as an African woman and helps build bridges between organizations and individuals who are looking to partner, fund, mentor or simply interact with our African women in technology

We are kicking off this series with Stella Ngugi, Founder and CEO of Jobonics and outspoken tech evangelist. She is also a graduate of Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology.

steall ngugi awit kenya 2018 #awitkenya2018Stella Ngugi

Welcome Stella, it’s our pleasure to have you. What’s one message you want to share with other women in tech and business?

Thank you for having me. To me, technology knows no gender. At least, not at this time in 2018.

The successful are the ones who take bold steps that others are too scared to take.

Fortune favors the bold. I have a simple question for aspiring women and tech in business: Is your fear worth you risking losing a big opportunity?

What’s the one resource you need right now to propel you forward?

I need financial resources, more external funding to take Jobonics to the next level i.e marketing, hiring, development.

We have built a wonderful product and brand, and now need financial resources to take it to the next level.

Anyone who wants to talk to me about this can reach me via [email protected].

What’s your big career/business goal for 2018 and how can we help you stay accountable to get it done?

My business goal for 2018 is launching our software in June before the AWIT event. I’d love to talk about all we do and the progress we’re making. I’d also like to find a mentor who understands and has experience in what we do.

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