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Stephen Hawking warns Humans have only 1,000 Years Left to Live on Planet Earth

by Felix Omondi
Stephen Hawking thinks Humans have only 1,000 Years Left to Live on Planet Earth

Our days here are numbered, 1,000 more years left to be exact! That is according to the renowned theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking. If Homo sapiens (humans) are to survive over the next 1,000 years, we must find a new planet out there to conquer, as Earth will soon become hostile to us.

Such dire warning coming from one of the smartest living brains on Earth are not to be taken lightly. Even if you are on the Trump ship of, climate change being a big lie meant limit America’s industrial growth, this physicist’s assertions are not to be taken lightly.

The 74-year-old Cambridge Professor, professed this doom day for humanity, during his speech at the Oxford University Union last Tuesday. That is according to the Daily Express.

Hawking urged, “We must … continue to go into space for the future of humanity. I don’t think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet.”

Hawking made a one-hour speech, during which he warned the audience that humanity will most likely fall victim to its own success. The abilities we have developed over time will be the reasons for our extinctions if we do not deviate from our unsustainable hunger and thirst for the planet’s resources.

We are currently using more of the Earth’s natural resources at a rate much higher than the planet’s natural capacity to replace them; refill up! In time, these resources are going to run out. Climate change, which results from atmospheric pollution from our industrial activities, will make Earth no longer suitable for human survival.

Other developments like artificial intelligence, will lead to the overthrow of humanity as the pinnacle of intelligence. That is because, artificial intelligence, though currently at its infancy stage, has a greater potential of continuous and faster learning and improving itself. At a rate not naturally possible for natural intelligence. And in due time, it will surpass the organic intelligence of both human beings and all other animals on Earth. Artificial intelligence has the benefit of not being limited by biological constraints such as exhaustion and need for rest.

When artificial intelligence does surpass organic intelligence. Judging by the law of natural selection and survival of the fittest; there is nowhere in history has an inferior species been able to colonize a superior species. You only need to look at man and his superior ways that have made him conquer all the corners of the planet and have unquestionable conquest over the rest of the animal and plant species. It is only artificial intelligence that poses a threat to man reign of superiority.

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Stephen Hawking also touched on the origin of the universe and the ‘Theory of Relativity’ by Einstein. He also spoke on humans’ creation of myths and the concept of God.

Stephen Hawking: “This is the best time to be alive.

Hawking’s speech was not all about approaching doom’s day. He was also enthusiastic about now being the best time for humanity, and for any human to be alive. As much as he acknowledges the existence of immense challenges, Hawking thinks now is a “glorious time to be alive and doing research into theoretical physics.”

Our take home from his address is: “Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or ten thousand years. By that time we should have spread out into space, and to other stars, so a disaster on Earth wound not mean the end of the human race.”

NASA has been on the hunt for hospitable exoplanet orbiting another star just like Earth orbits the Sun. The first break NASA got in search of an exoplanet was in 1995, and 21 years down the line Earth-sized exoplanets numbers that have been discovered run into their thousands.

Before 1995, it seemed like a sci-fi movie, now it’s a documented fact and the idea of humanity escaping the increasingly inhospitable planet Earth does not look like a far off idea anymore.

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