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Steve Harvey lights up #KoT after tribute to Pencil Drawing by Kenyan artist

by Felix Omondi

Thanks to Twitter, a Kenya artist by the name Collins Omondi Okello is now enjoying the floodlight from Kenyans on Twitter (KoT). That follows a picture posted by Omondi on his Twitter account of American Comedian and TV Host Steve Harvey. A post that has since been recognized by the ‘funny man’ himself.

The post is a pencil drawing of Steve Harvey’s portrait, and looking at it below. There is no denying, the guy has got some talent.

The tweet, or rather the picture post went viral that it got the attention of Harvey, who also retweeted it on his TL. Well, the fact that he was tagged on the initial post and the clout the viral post gained, went a long way in making Harvey appreciate the fine work of art.

“I’ll be in Jo’burg/Botswana, let’s hook up”

After showing love on Twitter for the artist’s work, it appears Harvey would like to have the picture physically. As it turns out, he will be ‘in town’ soon and would like to meet the artists and assumably purchase the picture.

Now that tweet has elicited mixed reactions from KoT, who have started bashing (with gloves on and much love) Harvey for suggesting to meet up with the young lad during his stay in Johannesburg, South Africa or in Botswana.

Here’s the thing, the artist is presumably in Nairobi or somewhere in Kenya. Steve Harvey will be in Johannesburg, South Africa, and another undisclosed city or town in Botswana.

Africa is not a Village

Kenya is quite far from both South Africa and Botswana. If Harvey is ever going to meet the artists Omondi, one of the two men has to take a considerable amount of effort and go out of their way to make that possible.

To put things into perspective, below is a picture of the continent of Africa compared to the popular countries around the world.



Traveling from say, Nairobi to Johannesburg is about 1,818.83 miles (2,927.12 Km), which is more than 65% of the journey traveling West Coast to East Coast across the USA.

Credit: Distance.To


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