Stop Ads from showing up on your PlayStation 4 Homepage

sony playstation 4 ps4

Can you imagine the nerves Sony must have to show ads on the PlayStation 4 homepage? It is not like you were given the PS4 gaming console for free, neither was the game title free. You actually paid money for both the console and all the games; if the game came with the console, you probably paid a little extra for the console.

Then to have Sony become all predatory on your PS4 homepage; it is unacceptable. What if your kid is playing on the console and clicks on an ad thinking it is a new game he or she hasn’t played yet. Then you get charged for it on the linked card to your account!

How to stop Ads on your PS4 Homepage

Go to Home Screen > Settings > System > Automatic Downloads > [Uncheck] Featured Content.

It is as simply as the A, B, C… and most importantly, you don’t stand the risk of getting a new game charged to your account, simply because your kid (or someone else) got excited and clicked on an ad tile thinking it is a new game.

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