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Strategies to Avoid Coronavirus Fraud and Safeguard Your Hard-Earned Cash


The coronavirus pandemic has made people think of possible ways for survival. There is an increased rate of frauds due to social distancing because of increased use of online services. There is a substantial misuse of the saying “survival for the fittest.” People from all walks of life have come up with schemes, and most of these are illegal like fraud which is detrimental to the money that you worked so hard to get. It’s high time you remained vigilant because of the increased need for people to reap from a pocket they never sowed. You should have all online, overly convincing, texts go unanswered and put conmen’s work to shame. Well, this article is going to look at those various strategies to avoid coronavirus fraud and safeguard your hard-earned cash. Let’s see.

Ways to Safeguard Your Cash during the Pandemic

A lot of people are taking the necessary precautions to stay away and stay safe, so the possibility of physical shopping has gone out of the window. The health directive has issued a measure to practice the use of master cards, online banking and mobile services. The following are ways of detecting and avoiding these frauds from stealing your money during this coronavirus pandemic. They include:

Identify the scammers right away

It’s effortless to understand the persuasive language of scammers because it is full of ambiguous terms. They request for cash, primarily through a phone text and it is easy to send the money. They lie that you are a relative and they require payment to obtain a sanitizer or even buy a mask. They will ensure you don’t have time left to identify them and they pretend to be in an emergency. It’s time you took a protective measure for your hard-earned cash by calling them back. If they fail to receive the call, something a relative that is in need cannot do, go ahead and block them instantly. A lot of people have fallen into their tricks, Instant Loan talked about illegal moneylenders so make sure to visit their site. There is an increased level of fraud on this as the scammers are cashing in a massive amount of cash.

Point out the fake charity scams of coronavirus

One thing about being a scammer is doing anything to get the money. It doesn’t matter whether it’s degrading to human instincts, but best believe they have nothing to do with being honest. They will request you to get an loan simply because they have created a fake charity fund. No one wouldn’t want to help in this time of corona when all hell has broken loose because of the pandemic. They pretend to follow up on a pledge you made about a donation. The scammers use the real organization’s name to ask for the gift.

It’s upon you to withhold your money if you did not make any promises to give out cash. Stay vigilant because we are living in the times of “every man for himself and God for us all “. The morals have been replaced by deception, and losing money at this time of shortage is not a good idea. It advisable that you visit the organization of donation to affirm that your money is going to the right place.

Watch Out for The Scams On Vaccine, Testing Kits and The Cure

You can testify on this that the number of text messages on your phones regarding this issue, of a possibly found cure, has become familiar with time. The scammers are aware that each person is desperate to get the vaccine or air filters against coronavirus in their homes. They have come up with strategies to make money off this scam. Be careful because there is no vaccine discovered yet, and it’s all a lie.  In case they knock on your door with testing kits just decline the offer and head to the medical facility for a checkup. The air filters are not being installed in anyone’s home, and definitely, you are not going to be the first to have them. However, you can report the fraudsters to the nearest government offices to get a refund from the scammers if you fell for the trap.

Shopping Online Should Be from Recognized Websites

With the initiative of social distancing, there is increased use of online shopping and people are making orders from time to time. This is an excellent platform for scammers because they feel the urgency that people have towards shopping on these platforms. You should consider using well-known sites to evade the wrath of conmen. These scammers have gone an extra mile of asking for your residence address and tracking your moves.

They can rob your property, and the best thing is to make sure that you confirm the site before making the order. You don’t want to lose the money you worked hard for on someone with an ill intention of stealing from you. Shop at a recognized online website like amazon, Walmart and so on. You should also shop from known stores that offer free shipping of goods like Target and other known shopping locations. Be wise because there are limited opportunities to make money in this uncertain time.

Payment of taxes should be to the IRS only

According to statistics done, the most common types of fraud cases is as a result of payment and filing of the taxes. In this period, the scammers have devised a method to deceive most people on the issue of tax default. They threaten to sue you in case you don’t send the money they are supposed to use in filing the taxes. This has been a common occurrence, and the best alternative is to pay the fees to the IRS. Identify the numbers that are catfishing you as the tax system and sensitize your loved ones.  When the tax season is on, consult the known firms for advice and pay the fee for it. Remember that cheap is expensive and avoid trusting these cheap conmen that come in the name of the IRS.

The Bottom Line

Having the strategies on the preventive measures to safeguard your hard-earned cash, make sure that you stay vigilant of the conmen. Before getting into any money transaction, identify the legitimacy of the other party. Some people want to reap where they haven’t sowed and always have a persuasive tone. Remember they might outsmart you if you are not careful. Don’t entertain the use of online shopping if they ask too many questions about the items you did not order. This article has expounded on methods to use in identifying a fraud, which is basically the first step in knowing a conman.

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