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Students Are Using Cell Phones in The Classroom? How To Prevent It?


As we are living in ages where the use of technology and its features is present daily, sometimes it is necessary to take some measures. Students utilize mobile phones every day. Whether it is a simple playing of games or chatting via social media apps. And this is not anything out of the ordinary. But the problem occurs when they have no limitations. What does it mean? The biggest concern students should have is paying enough attention to the classes and lessons that teachers are presenting. And that’s when the use of cell phones interferes. It is often the case that some students are not interested in a specific subject. Simply, the content of that particular class doesn’t fit their preferences. When this occasion happens, they seek solace in the use of their mobiles. This can cause problems for the teachers and can produce many other consequences. So, let’s see how you should prevent this from happening.

Updating School Policy

According to, there are still dozens of educational institutions across the globe that are yet to update their policy. This refers to their ability to keep on track with all the latest technological improvements. Schools are using PCs frequently for informatics classes. Hence, they shouldn’t be hundreds of steps away from the current situation. So, the first way to prevent students from using their cell phones during classes is to update the school policy. This can be done by implementing the rules where even putting them onto the desk would be punishable. Although it represents a strict measure, it will surely affect students’ approach and make them think twice before taking the phones out of their pockets. However, this kind of rule may awaken some sort of rebellion in students. They got used to having phones at their disposal 24/7. And if you disapprove of that, it can cause little distractions.

This rule must be applied without hesitation. If you just proclaim it, it won’t have a big influence. As students usually do, they will take every chance to pull the phone out of the backpack or pocket and use it. So, the most efficient way will be to take their phones before the class starts. You will then stay assured that no one will use this device. This might be hard to accept at the beginning, but eventually, they will look the truth in the eyes and realize that is the right decision for both sides, themselves and educators.

Increase The Level of Engagement in The Classroom

As previously stated, the biggest reason for students’ eagerness for using cell phones during classes is lack of interest. The truth is that lessons sometimes can be boring. That is all-natural. After all, everyone has their preferences and things to like or not. It is something that no teacher or member of school staff can control. But what they can take control of is the level of engagement in the classroom. So, instead of teaching boring lectures, you should allow students to interfere more and participate in them. If you are a teacher, ask yourself how many activities you have provided students with. The answer will impose itself. Therefore, you should find a way to be creative and make the classroom the most interesting place in the world. Of course, you shouldn’t go all-in for fun. Find a perfect balance of joy and education at the same time. Perhaps, you can create a game where they can compete with each other and test their knowledge. Students will like classes like this much more, there is no doubt about it.

Provide Students with Rewards for Proper Behavior

Another creative way to make students get rid of their phones during classes is to offer them some kind of reward. It is well-known that people, especially students, like being awarded. Rewards exist to give value to peoples’ efforts. When someone takes credit or positive comments for something he did, it will massively boost his self-confidence and mood. That’s what can be applied to students too. You wonder how? One way is to offer points for every time they give up on their cell phone and turn it over to the teacher. But in these cases, teachers must make sure that students don’t possess other mobile devices. In the end, teachers can even make a contest. Students with the most points collected on a weekly or monthly basis receive special praises and benefits. This way, they will willingly give their devices because they will be aware of how it can be profitable.

Don’t Be Stationed, Walk Around the Classroom

Nowadays, students often use essays or have them involved in the classes. But still, they are not running away from taking a look at legit essay writing services online. What does this tell you? The level of students’ curiosity is limitless. It is a natural thing. They like to explore new things all the time. This can also happen if you are lazy and just sit on your chair for the entire class. Don’t be like that and instead, walk around the classroom here and there. Students will take action if you are neglecting their behavior. Be aware of that.


Preventing students from using cell phones is hard, but not an impossible task. It all depends on schools’ willingness to provide them with enough alternatives. Hopefully, some of our pieces of advice can be implemented and make a real effect. Who knows what the future has prepared for us? Maybe a new era is on the horizon! Time will tell.

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