Sub-Saharan African Women Contribute More To Global GDP Than Western Europe Women

More Women Contribute To GDP In Sub-Saharan Africa Than In Western Europe

A study conducted by McKinsey reveals the women workforce contribute 37% of the global GDP growth. Their findings further to breaks down this figure as follows:

*In North America and Oceania, women contribute to 40% of the GDP

*In sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), women contribute 39% of GDP

*In Western, Europe women contribute to 38% of the GDP

*In Latin America, women contribute to 33% of the GDP

*In India, women contribute to 17% of the GDP

According to the report, the world region with the largest women workforce is Eastern Europe and Central Asia (47%), followed closely by SSA at 46%. North America, Oceania and Western Europe come in as a three-way tie.

The report further advocates for gender balance at the workplace by arguing that it has the potential of adding $12 trillion to $28 trillion to the global economy by the year 2025. For more information on this, follow this link.

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