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How Successful Entrepreneurs Start Their Day

by Fahad Saleem

How Successful Entrepreneurs Start Their Day

Whether you are a night owl, or a Morning person, you start your day at some point. All of us take a different start to our day. This article discusses the morning activities of some successful entrepreneurs. We will get the motivation to work like them and hopefully, we could move on the path of success in our business also.


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Morning Routines of Successful Entrepreneurs

Steve Jobs, Co-founder, Chairman and Ex-CEO of Apple

Steve Jobs revealed his morning activities at Stanford in 2005. He said that he has been looking into the mirror after waking up for the last 33 years. He asked one simple question from himself that if that very day would be the last day of his life, then would he do the same activities as he was about to do that day. If he answered in “No” for many days, there was the time for changing his habits.

Kenneth Chenault, American Express CEO

The last thing that Chenault does, after winding up the work on a day, is to note down the top three things that he had to do the very next day. He used that list for starting his next day.

Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father of the United States

The highly lauded to-do list of Franklin included the specific rules for starting his day. His three hours from 5 am to 7 am, were spent in planning for the activities of the whole day. He used to ask himself that what good thing he could do that day.

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David Karp, Tumblr Founder

Karp used to save all his emails until he arrives at work at around 9.30 or 10am, after a 15-minutes walk. He held the point of view that if something is very urgent, then the concerned person will call or text him. Once he reached the workplace, he responds to emails first of all. The highest priority is given to the emails from his Tumblr staff and his girlfriend.

Jack Dorsey, CEO Square and Founder of Twitter

Jack puts almost 8 hours a day at both Square and Twitter. Recently, he has started focusing more on the Square. Before starting his hectic working day, he runs for 3 to 5 miles. As a result, he gets freshened up to get ready for dealing with his versatile set of responsibilities.

Evan Williams, the Founder of Blogger and Twitter

Evan Williams was quite conscious about his energy levels right throughout his busy day. He used to go to the gym in the mornings for a while, but then he switched the exercise time to the mid of the day. He regarded the first few hours of the day as the most productive time. He used to accomplish his highest priority tasks first of all.


From the morning habits of the successful entrepreneurs, it is clear that they used to do their important tasks first of all. They used to plan for the rest of the day, so that they have a roadmap to go along.



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