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Successful Link Building Techniques: Get Quality Backlinks Without Getting Punished by Google

by Fahad Saleem

Link building is still one of the most important parts of SEO strategy for any online business. But Google has crushed the spammy ways to build links. The art of link building has totally changed. Today, the relevancy, content quality and technical aspects matter a lot. Here are some of the best ways to successfully do link building for your website without getting thrashed by Google.


Check the Quality of Your Back Links

The most important part of backlinks is to have a good domain authority of the inbound links. A 1000 backlinks will do nothing but crush your website if they are coming from a website with a bad domain authority. A single backlink can boost your website ranking if it’s coming from a website with a good domain authority. How to check domain authority of websites? There are several metrics that are important in finding out domain authority. The biggest one you should be looking at is that the website linking to you should have no spam relation. It should be related to your niche. It should have excellent, non-duplicate quality content. Another good metric of DA is the age of the domain linking to you. You can find out the domain age using this free tool.

See Where Your Competitors are Getting Backlinks from

 In order to get quality backlinks for your website, you should know what your competitors are doing. You have to make a list of the websites to whom can request for backlinks. Moz has an excellent tool in which you can plug in any website and see the backlinks it’s getting. You can put in your competitor’s website here and see the websites which are giving it backlinks. You can subsequently write top quality content and ask these websites to give you backlinks as well.

Write Quality Posts With Infographics and Images, Websites Will Link back Without a Request

If I were to name one thing that gives you uninterrupted backlinks, I’d blurt out “quality and longform content” in a jiffy. There is no better way to get linkbacks other than this. If you have excellent content published on your website on a regular basis, you will keep getting link backs as websites worldwide will mention your posts. Write authority posts.

Always try to write posts with over 1000 words

Your posts must be teeming with infographics, videos and photos. If you cannot hire a designer to make infographics, use free infographics tools like Infogram and Piktochart.

How to Find Bloggers and Sources to Get Quality Backlinks

The biggest problem in link building is finding the right websites and bloggers for guest posts and backlinks. It’s time consuming and excruciating to keep following you and requesting people/companies for link backs, as most of the bloggers and website you approach won’t reply initially. This is why you should use PitchBox, the best tool to automate link building pitch process. PitchBox lets you search the bloggers and websites from whom you should get backlinks to your website. The tool also automates follow up emails. PitchBox makes a list of the most suitable websites for your backlinks. You can quickly sift through the list, shortlist the resources and send them emails with just a single click.

Remove Dead, Broken Links

Dead or broken links are poison for your link building. Over time, links get broken and content die down. You have to keep your content fresh and remove the broken links. In order to find out broken links on your website, use Google Chrome extension DomainHunter. This extension lets you know all the broken links. You can also check broken links on any website using this tool.


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