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Summary of What to Expect from Apple’s new iPhone 6S

by Felix Omondi
Summary of What to Expect from Apple’s new iPhone 6S

Last night at the Billy Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, USA, Apple unveiled its latest smartphones to hit the market, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The following is a summary of what kind of specs to expect from the latest two smartphones to enter the iPhone series.

The most outstanding feature on iPhone 6s is the 3D Touch, a touchscreen technology that allows you to pull new menus, place shortcuts and overall interact with the device in a whole new way. The Display is also pressure sensitive and when combined with the Apple’s Taptic Engine gives you a richer touchscreen operation experience.


iPhone 6s has the same design and display size (4.7-inch) as the iPhone 6 released last year. However, the iPhone 6s will also come in new color: rose gold and rumors have it a pink version is also coming up. The phone’s casing is made out of aluminum material; this goes to show Apple learnt a lesson from last year’s #Bendgate, #Bendghazi saga.


This smartphone will also be running on the new 64-bit processor, Apple’s A9. Apple as usual did not unveil all the details about this processor, but it said the processors has 70% faster CPU speed and 90% GPU speed, compared to iPhone 6’s A8 chip.


Looking at the camera, the iPhone 6s comes with a 12MP rear camera capable for recording 4K videos and an improved autofocus capability. The front features a 5MP camera said to be able to take selfies with flash lighting. The flash comes from the screen ability to light up three times brighter that it normally would, and thus giving enough light to take a selfie in the dark.

It might be important to point out Apple has never upgraded the iPhone’s camera since the release of iPhone 4S back in 2011. The company argued that it will not do so if it meant increasing the noise in images taken, but with iPhone 6S the company has found a way to bump the camera’s megapixels and at the same time reduce the image noise.

iPhone 6S also comes with ‘Live Photos’ a feature that enables you to automatically make short videos out of every photo you take. A feature that is turned on by default but you can turn it off, if you so wish. Note this feature automatically makes video clips of your pictures, meaning your phone stores both the pictures and the video clip version of the pictures. You are bound to run out of storage space fast!

Other Features

iPhone 6S comes with animated wallpapers, although this is much of an iOS 9 thing, than an iPhone 6S thing. It also comes with the latest data connection speeds over both LTE and Wi-Fi. Apple says the new iPhone should be twice as fast over Wi-Fi and its LTE connectivity is improving as more bands are being added (now up to 23).

The Company also says that the Touch ID on iPhone 6S should be better than on the previous models. Although the company did not delve into the details, it said that Touch ID on iPhone 6S is much improved compared to the sensors on iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S.

If you want to get your hands on the new iPhone 6S, then you may start preordering from September 12, given the sales will start on September 25th. The iPhone 6S will retailing in the U.S. market starting at $199 with a 2-year contract for a 16GB versions. While the 64GB and 128GB version climbing up by another $100 per tier.

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