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Surgery With No Insurance: What You Need to Expect


The number of Americans without health insurance has risen by millions over the past few years. Studies show that 8.5% of people in the United States are not covered by health insurance. 

Without health insurance, the simplest medical visit can take a toll on your wallet. Surgery with no insurance, however, is an event that could cause you to be in debt for many years. 

If you’re struggling to navigate the realities of surgery without insurance, look no further. Keep reading for everything you need to know about dealing with surgery costs without health insurance. 

Surgery With No Insurance: Be Proactive

It’s crucial to be proactive when you need surgery but you don’t have health insurance. Getting ahead of the money and knowing what to expect can save you troubles while you’re recovering from surgery. 

First, you need to treat surgery like any other major purchase. You don’t go and buy a car without shopping around first. 

Research hospitals and doctors in and surrounding your area. Call to confirm prices and determine which facility charges the least amount for your procedure. 

Second, you need to call and ask for reduced rates before you go into surgery. Most hospitals charge less if you don’t have insurance, but it can be even cheaper if you ask for the rates and pay them in advance. 

What if you don’t need surgery immediately, but you’re worried about the possibility one day? It would be wise to set up a savings account specifically for medical costs. Take a small amount of your paycheck each pay period and put it towards any medical costs that you may have in the future. 

You may be wondering how to get surgery for free if you don’t have any money to put towards medical fees. Consider online resources that allow you to raise money for medical bills, and share your page on social media. 

Find Help

“I need surgery and have no insurance, where can I get help?”

This is a question millions of Americans need to know the answer to. 

If your surgery is needed because of someone else’s actions, you may be entitled to a personal injury claim. Organizations like USClaims were founded to help pay for surgeries and other medical costs if your personal injury claim is still pending. 

This will help you get the procedure you need in a timely manner. If you wait for a personal injury claim to be resolved before receiving surgery, you may cause more damage to your injury. 

Another tip is to call about a surgery payment plan as soon as you receive your hospital bill. Some hospitals will send you to a collection agency if you haven’t paid within 90 days of your procedure. 

A payment plan will allow you to pay small amounts of money every month until you’ve covered the total cost. This payment plan can be adjusted depending on how much money you make in a year. 

Final Thoughts

Now you should understand the steps to take when getting surgery with no insurance. It’s time to be proactive and work on your surgery funds as soon as possible. 

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