Survey Reveals The Only Job Title Which is Paid More than Software Engineers

Software and computing is the single most important skill one can learn to make truckloads of money these days, and apparently, this domain is here to stay, and prevail for decades to come, as human civilization drives its future progression and development from mobile, AI, computing, robotics. But what if you don’t have an aptitude for programming? What if you do not want to get glued to a computer screen all day, fixing bugs and struggling to run computer programs? Here is a good news for all those who are in search of a skill which trumps software and programming as far as money making and job scope are concerned: Online hiring platform Hired conducted a comprehensive survey which indicates that product managers make more money than software engineers. The platform’s survey included 31,146 interview requests from 1,848 companies that used the platform for online hiring. The results show that product managers make around $133,000 on average yearly, whereas software engineers were offered an average annual salary of $123,000.

This is not the fist time a survey has revealed these striking stats. A lot of Glassdoor surveys have proved that product management is a skill which is compensated massively. The reason is simple: making a product at the core level is easy when you design and plan it in the first place. Managing a product, which involves clients and marketing it to the optimal standards is what makes a difference for a company.

The interesting part about Product Management is that you don’t need to have a hardcore computer science degree and experience to enter the field. Hunter Walk, Google’s former product manager, has a degree in history and an MBA. All you need are soft skills, keen observation, planning, enforcement of deadlines, a commanding personality and hard work.

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